Club nights are back

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As we all know restrictions put in place to combat the spread of Covid 19 are gradually being eased in England.  With this in mind the LTA have issued new guidelines with regard to Club sessions and the opening of Club houses.

The committee have agreed to start Club sessions again and open the club house.  However, members are asked to remember that things are NOT back to normal.  All members who use the facilities do so at their own risk and are asked to follow the precautions set out on the Corona virus pages.  Please remember that if all members cooperate and behave responsibly we can keep the Club open so people can continue to play. 

Club Sessions
Sunday sessions will start on Sunday 2nd August from 11am to 12:30pm on court 1 and 2.  From Sunday 11th all 3 courts will be used for a Club session at this time.
Tuesday sessions will start on all 3 courts from Tuesday 11th August from 6pm to 7:30pm.

For new members any club member can play at club sessions.  Double groups are organised and six games are played.  New doubles groups are then formed and a further 6 games played.  The idea is to play with lots of different people so you get to know other members and perhaps improve your game!!

Enjoy the tennis.