The Alice Pratt Cup

The Alice Pratt Cup


Alice Pratt was one of the earliest members of our club and a very keen player who loved the game playing until 80 years old and still turning out to help at events until she sadly died in 1997 at the age of 83.  In her memory her daughters Tina and Elizabeth presented the club with a cup to be awarded 

“To commemorate the zest for life and the competitive spirit of Alice Pratt”

 (Annie Clare has written an account about Alice which will give you a taste of her indomitable spirit).

The cup has never been presented until this year when it is a pleasure to award the cup to junior club member 14 year-old Jake Wilson.

As you know Jake has partnered Stewart in the two Sadie Bristow Foundation tennisathons playing with Stewart continuously for 12 hours in the inaugural event in 2019, and then for an incredible 16 hours last October. 

In the club tournament two years ago he won the Men’s singles at the age of just 12 years old having seen off a raft of senior players and trouncing his father Simon in an exciting final.  Hopefully Simon found some compensation when Jake and he teamed up to win the Men’s doubles last year!

Apart from participating in our in-house tournament Jake has won county and regional level tournaments and was part of the Under 12 Kent Team that reached the County Finals in Bolton where Kent finished   In addition to pursuing his competitive ambitions he is committed to helping encourage other young people to enjoy tennis and has completed the LTA Tennis Leader course run by Stewart, and when time allows helps out at the “Sadie Bristow” holiday camps.

Currently  Jake competes in Under 16 tournaments, and as part of the elite academy squad at Polo Farm his aim is to get a tennis scholarship to a US university.

Jake is a true inspiration whose energy and commitment is a positive force motivating all ages. He is a deserved recipient of “The Alice Pratt Cup.”

Well done Jake.

Penny Morgan

Alice Pratt  - A life remembered  by Annie Clare 

Annie writes:

 Alice was the wife of George Pratt who was one time the Bridge Village Policeman. On retirement they moved to Green Court with their two daughters Tina and Elizabeth.  The whole family were very keen on sport and I met Alice in 1969 when we moved to Bridge and I joined the Bridge Badminton Club where Alice was a very capable player.  When Bridge Tennis Club was formed in 1975 Alice was eager to join as she had played a lot of tennis previously.  She also enjoyed table-tennis and cricket.

Alice was a very keen member of the tennis club regularly attending club nights and our Sunday morning sessions and playing in friendlies against other clubs. 

One Sunday morning, and our first venture on the “posh”new green courts,  Alice slipped and broke her wrist.  So determined was she to get back to her tennis she made a home-made exercise device from a broom handle, string and a brick which she diligently used to build up her strength.

On court Alice was well-known for her acute angle cross-court forehand: it was at your peril if you played a ball half-court! 

When her daughter Elizabeth moved to New York, and where she still lives, Alice and George visited several times always choosing their visit to coincide with the US Open where Elizabeth managed to get tickets.  On their visits Alice always took her racquet and one year was asked at the airport whether she was there to play in the US veterans event! 

I know that Alice would have loved Jake’s energy and enthusiasm and I am delighted that Jake is to be awarded Alice’s cup.