Club Development Plan

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Thank you all for your recent contribution to our Club Development Plan.  The Committee wanted to ensure that club members are kept informed about the output from the project so you will find below a summary of the main learning points, which we will be incorporating into our considerations of the future of the club.

The seven areas covered are listed below along with some actions that might help support continued achievement in these areas.


  •  Club Structure & Governance – Aims, Constitution, Committee, Legal status

Members are content with our Club Structure and governance. The committee now has more members including men and women.

Improvement ideas include clarifying the aims of the club within the context of being a ‘members club’ and keeping the website up to date about the Committee.


  • Workforce Development - This means coaches and volunteers

Members see coaching as an important strength of our club.

Improvement ideas include ensuring that we meet the coaching needs of all our members.


  • Community Outreach & Development – Bridge, the district, the school

Members feel that our community programme should be limited to links with Bridge Primary School and the Sadie Bristow Foundation. It would also be in our interest to improve links with the Parish Council.

Improvement ideas include clarifying and developing links with Bridge Primary School and Bridge Parish Council.


  • Club Programmes & Competition

Members feel that the level of competition play is about right without putting further pressure on court time. This area of our plan generated the most conversation and some degree of concern around the balance between competitive and casual/social play.

Improvement ideas include providing club sessions for women, juniors and seniors and expanding the ladders to include doubles.


  • Facility Management & Development

Members think our facilities are of a good standard and are well maintained.  The idea of a 4th court cannot be taken forward until after lease renewal in 2 year’s time. Court pressure at peak times seems to be a running concern among members, but court usage data do not indicate a real problem at this time. Members are in favour of developing the patio area and exploring the possibility of a tennis wall or net.

Improvement ideas include exploring issues of a tennis wall or net, expanding the patio area, developing a social area, and extending the access path.


  • Communication & Marketing

Clubspark serves us well. It is an up-to-date database of contacts, subscriptions, booking and membership packages as well as providing a simple website interface. However, it does have its limitations. The website is quite basic with limited pages so it is not always easy to find the information you require. Penny Morgan has in addition been producing a newsletter.

Improvement ideas include considering the balance between advertising and court pressure.  There is an argument that we do not need any more members other than in relation to incorporating a fourth court.  


  • Financial Management

We are in a fortunate, strong, financial position currently and the 10 year financial resource plan projects a continuing stable position.

Improvement ideas include incorporating the costs of introductory coaching, cleaning, new balls, etc into membership fees so that all these services are free to club members.


What happens now?

It appears that the Club is in a fairly strong all-round position with no pressing matters of any concern to worry about so our Development Plan won’t involve significant change. The Committee will, of course, take advantage of opportunities to make improvements where they present themselves and wants to encourage members to go on giving feedback about things that might be improved if done differently. If you want to comment on any of the points here, please contact any Committee member so that your views or ideas can be taken forward.


David Bailes (Club Secretary) – on behalf of the Committee

July 2021