Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

2017/2018 Season - Broomhall Lane Tennis Courts


Please observe the following when booking and using the courts.

1. Court Access Times

The Courts are available for play between 8.00am - 21.00 (last booking runs until 21.00)

2. Court Bookings

Members may book courts 2 weeks in advance.  Pay & Play can be booked one week in advance.  This service may be suspended in the event of bad weather in the winter.

3. Court Book ability

All courts are bookable except during regular open member sessions. Please note that during occasional member events, i.e. competitions and matches, no courts are bookable. These occasions will be notified in advance on the notice board. Sunningdale Parish Council reserve the right to have sole use of the courts at certain dates/times which will be notified to Club members in advance.

4. Booking Method

To book a court, you may book via the online (ClubSpark) booking website or you may enter your name and telephone number in the appropriate space on the booking forms.  If you turn up to play without booking, you must register at the office (during office hours) or book via the online booking system prior to play.

6. Late Arrival for Bookings

If a member or pay and play guest has booked a court and does not turn-up within 15 minutes of the allotted time they lose the court, and another member/pay and play guest will be allowed to take the court, but the SPC office request that common sense should prevail in these instances.

7. Instructions of use of the Floodlights

Please note floodlights cannot be used on Sunday’s due to Borough regulations.

Instructions on Use

Please arrive 10 minutes before your court booking time so that you can start the lights if they have not already been in use or before they go out.  There is a ten-minute automatic delay.  There is no allowance for time lost.

The Blue light at the top of the fence on each court will flash when there is 5 minutes left.  The coin boxes for each court are located in the box on your left as you enter the courts.  Put one token in the right-hand side of the box which corresponds to your court number you have booked.  Please vacate the court on time.  If the lights are still in use, these will automatically switch off at 9pm.