Junior Coaching

UPDATE 21st June 2020 

Currently the full Coaching Squad Programme is not happening due to LTA advice on groups over 6. 

However I am now piloting small groups of 4 players as a way of getting squad coaching going again. Each group will have a coach and an assistant with a maximum 6 people in the group including coaches.  We will be practising Social Distancing and general police according to LTA Guidelines. LTA Guidance regarding group coaching is at https://www.lta.org.uk/globalassets/news/2020/lta-guidance-for-tennis-coaches---covid-19.pdf

There are very few groups given the volume of pupils.  I apologise if people are disappointed. I will try to add sessions as soon as I can. The Club will be seeking an extra coach. Most of the current sessions will be coached by Alex Swarbrick who is a Newmarket Member and LTA Level 2 Coach alongside a coaching assistant.

Squads must have a minimum of 4 to run. They may be busy so please sign up as soon as you can.