BTC 2021 AGM Minutes


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held online by Zoom on Tuesday 2 March 2021

Present (online)

Robin London (RL), Julie Brims (JB), Norman Casson (NC), Roger Aylward (RA),

Neil Rendal (NR), Mark Brunwin (MB)

Karen Pegg, Cate Poore, Trevor Poore, Ed Hills, Helen Raines, Pam Norman,

Damian Lane, Mike James, Rob Tayton, Barbara Tayton

1. Apologies for Absence

NC read out the following apologies:-

Theresa Wright, Robert Milson, Darren Blackwood, Jane Hislop, Sylvia Payne,

Jacqui Rendall, Liz Robertson, Jayanthi Chendhil, Carol Gower, Louise Kurtis,

Andrew Rogers, David Gatenby

2. Approval of the 2020 AGM Minutes

Due to the first Covid 19 national lockdown in March 2020, the 2020 AGM did not take place

in person nor online. However the proposals for the following matters previously notified by email to all members were approved by 19 members :-

Minutes of the 2019 AGM,

Accounts for the year 2019/20,

Re-election of the Committee,

Amendment to the Constitution (removal of joining fee)

Subscriptions for 20120/21 and

Election of Team Captains

Approval of the above proposed by RA, seconded by KP and passed by all

3. Actions Arising from the 2020 AGM not covered in the Agenda


4. Reports from  the outgoing Committee reps

Membership Report (NC)

NC reported that the Club had had a very successful year in attracting new members despite the

closure of the courts for some of the year during the first Covid 19 lockdown.

Current membership is as follows:-

Adult      - 61 comprising   61 individuals

Family   -  68 comprising 152 individuals

Student -   0

Junior   -    0

Total individual membership is therefore 129 by category and 213 individuals

New members joining this year by category amounted to 35 (16 Adult and 19 Family)

whereas in previous years new members joining have been around a dozen or so.

The increase seems to have  been largely driven by the fact we opened our courts as soon as possible last year when other courts in the area remained closed

ii) Maintenance (NR)

NR reported that all was in order on the maintenance front.

He would be doing some leaf clearing shortly.

The cause of the minor flooding affecting part of the courts was being investigated with the Council and RA offered to help as required.

Ed Hills mentioned the minor occasional problem with one of the floodlights and NR will check this out when the courts are in use again.

iii) Welfare (RA) 

RA said that the Club  Policies were updated annually and especially so this past year in view of

the necessary Covid risk assessments which he had been doing with RL.

One or two minor issues relating to behaviour on court had been resolved

iv) Website  (MB)

MB reported that the Club website was working well and that a few minor glitches had been resolved.

Members who access the Club website via the LTA log in need to update their log in details.

Likely that it will become compulsory soon to access the website

The Club is considering whether to use Stripe or Go Cardless forxz payments.

Members are encouraged to access the website to learn of Club events once the courts have re-opened and the Covid pandemic eases

v) Match Secretary (RL)

RL repotted that most matches had been suspended since last year and entry fees have been deferred to the coming year.

Entries have been submitted for the Berkshire League (Ladies, Over 45s and Over 55s)

vi) Drills (KP)

KP reported that the drills had been very popular with up to 15 participants  at some sessions

both on Mondays and Thursdays.

Payments by participants were up to date.

Thanks due to Helen Raines for her help on the later sessions and to Damian Lane for supervising all sessions.

Drills are currently on hold due to the closure of the courts but hopefully will re-start before long.

vi) Club Accounts for year ending 31 December 2020 (JB)

JB produced the Accounts which show in excess of £20K in the bank at the end of the year.

Income from subscriptions reflected the increase from the previous year as well as new members.

The Club bank account will shortly change to Lloyds from Nat West as more convenient.

Approval of the Accounts was proposed, seconded and passed.

5. Election of Committee for the coming year (RL)

All current members of the Committee (RL,NC,JB,NR,RA and MB) were willing to stand again.

On the proposal of Cate Poore, and seconded by Pam Norman, the meeting approved their


RL said that the Committee had invited Karen Pegg  to join the Committee. On the proposal of RL and seconded by RA, the meeting approved KP’s appointment to the Committee.

6. Subscriptions for the forthcoming year (RL)

RL reported that as the subs had been increased last year that there should be no increase in the coming year. Also that those members who had joined in the period January- March 2021 and had been unable to use the courts at all owing to the lockdown, would be entitled to a 25% discount

The Subscriptions would therefore be as follows:-

Family  £70

Adult £50

Student £25

Junior (Under 18) £15

Pay and Play (Visitors) £6

Guest Adult £2 per hour

Guest Junior £1 per hour

Floodlights £5 per hour per court

On the proposal of Mike James and seconded by Karen Pegg, the new fees were duly approved by the Meeting.

7. Election of Team captains for the forthcoming year (RL)

RL reported that the following Team Captains were willing to stand:-

Mens A                        Andrew Rogers

Mens B                        John Palmer

Mens C                        Jim London

Mixed                           Helen Raines and Mark Brunwin

Ladies A                       Helen Raines

Ladies B                      Trish Strang

Yorkshire Cup              Helen Raines

Berks Vets Over 45s    Richard may

Berks Vets Over 55s    Darren Blackwood

Berks Ladies A             Helen Raines

On the proposal of Karen Pegg and seconded by Neil Rendall, the respective Captains were duly approved by the Meeting

8. Memorial Hall Toilets - Update on Upgrade (RA)

RA said that following various complaints regarding the shared use of the existing Hall toilets with the Club and other Hall users, discussions had taken place by the Club with the Hall regarding the use of the toilet at the Oak Room end of the Hall and the construction of a new external door for exclusive use by Club members. Planning application had been submitted by the Hall and it was hope that consent would be given in due course.

The Club’s contribution to the cost of the project was still to be agreed with the the Hall as well as whether the Club would have exclusive use of the toilet itself or shared use with Oak Room users.

Agreement would also be required on the means of locking the toilet whether by a key pad or a normal key

9. Next season’s Activities and Club Calendar (RL)

RL said that if possible a Club BBQ would be held later in the year depending on how the Covid situation develops.

10. AOB

RL said that the Courts were scheduled to re -open on the 29th March. Official Guidance was awaited from the LTA as to the rule of 6 and other matter Covid matters

11. Wimbledon (NC)

NC reported that the Wimbledon ballot this year would be run centrally by the LTA only and consequently there there will be no draw for any tickets allocated to Club members as has happened previously at our AGM.

Members will still have to opt in to the ballot to be included in the LTA draw but the final opt in date has not yet been notified by the LTA.

Mike James gave thanks to RL and all Committee Members for dealing with matters in a difficult year caused by the Covid pandemic. The increase membership was pleasing.

The Meeting closed at 8.30pm