Results for Summer 2019



NDLTA League Results


However as you need to be a captain to see these results we thought we would post them here too.  

Scoring Sheets - If you need a Summer Score Sheet please Download it here

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The results of the Summer League, Ladies, Mens, Vets and Mixed Matches will be posted here!  If you are keen to play get practicing and speak to a captain....we need the players!!!

NDLTA Summer 2019

Bucklebury Mens A Team              Division 1                  Top

Bucklebury Mens B Team              Division 2                   Second

Bucklebury Mens C Team              Division 4                   Forth

Bucklebury Ladies A Team            Division  1                  Third

Bucklebury Ladies B Team            Division 2                   Third

Bucklebury Mixed Team                Division 1                    Fifth

Berkshire League

Bucklebury Mens O 45                 Division 1                   Second

Bucklebury Mens O 55                 Division 1                   Top 

Bucklebury Ladies doubles        Division 5A                Second