AGM 2017: Club Treasurer Urgently Required!

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Minutes of the 2017 AGM are available to all club members on the notice board in the clubhouse.
All committee roles, with the noticeable exception of Treasurer, have been filled and are as follows:

President: Heather Green
Honorary Member: Colin Bagshaw
Chairman: Shaun Baxter
Vice-Chairman: Tony Gratton
Bar Secretary: Steve Green
General Secretary: Victoria Huntington
Membership Secretary: Dick Lathbury
Press/Marketing Officers: June Leafe and Gareth Williams
Sports and Social Secretary: Duncan Coates
Grounds and Premises: Dave Murkin (Sub- Committee led by Nigel Baker)
Tennis Captain: John Matthews
Squash Captain: Doug Whitfield

Thank you to all those who stood and are prepared to give their time to ensure the smooth running of our club, which is of course run by members for members.

The committee is anxious to hear from anyone who feels the have the skills needed to be the new Treasurer as Tony Gratton, who has done a fantastic job for the last 10 years, relinquished the post to become Vice Chairman instead. Please contact any member of the committee to express your interest.

Remember, apart from helping ensure the continued success of the club, you will also receive free membership in return for your efforts.