Individual Tennis Lessons

Individual tennis lessons are an integral part of a players development. Tennis is an individual sport it only makes sense a player should have some individual lessons to facilitate their development. At Caldeira Tennis we feel it is important for a developing tennis player of any age or level to find the right balance between individual lessons and group coaching.

Performance players may want the coach to attend matches, scout opponents, plan matches, organise fitness, tournament programme, video analysis and player profiling.

Individual Tennis lessons at Beverley Park Lawn Tennis Club:

Head Coach: Carlos Caldeira
Mobile Number:07966 370 527
Email: [email protected]

Coach: Michael Scrafton 
Mobile Number:07783 694140
Email: [email protected]


Individual Tennis lessons at Hartlepool Tennis Club and Beverley Park Lawn Tennis Club:

Coach: Phillip Wood 
Mobile Number: 07951 111826
Email: [email protected]


Individual Tennis lessons at Rockcliffe Bowling & Tennis Club and Beverley Park Lawn Tennis Club:

Coach: Tyrone Wynyard 
Mobile Number: 07827 603646
Email: [email protected]

For all information and costs around individual coaching please email [email protected]

24 hours cancellation notice required otherwise lesson must be paid in full.

Private group coaching is also available and non-members will have to pay guest fees.