Individual Tennis Lessons

Taking Tennis Lessons

Private lessons are an integral part of a players development. Tennis is an individual sport it only makes sense a player should have some private lessons to facilitate their development. At Caldeira Tennis we feel it is important for a developing tennis player of any age or level to find the right balance between private lessons and group coaching.

Private lessons allow the coach to build on personal strengths and improve on any areas of development.

Tennis challenges you to improve, to hit your strokes and develop your strategy to become a more efficient, effective player. When you improve your game, you don’t just become a better player. You also get the satisfaction that comes from mastering a skill.

That’s where pros — teaching professionals, not pro players — and tennis lessons come into the picture. When you get serious about your tennis, even if you’re just playing for fun, you need to consider taking tennis lessons.

No tennis instructor, regardless of how much experience and talent he has, can turn you from a beginner into Maria Sharapova or Andrew Murray in one hour-long lesson (or even three, for that matter!). However, an instructor can help you improve your game in some very concrete ways, starting with Lesson 1.

Maximising the efficiency of your hour...

Before you show up for your first lesson, your pro should already know something about your game and, therefore, your strengths and weaknesses. The pro should understand what you need to work on and how you can improve. You should have described your game or even hit with the pro before you hired him, so that he’s familiar with your game.

During the lesson, ask for more information if your pro tells you something you don’t understand. When communicating valuable information about the game, good coaches have a knack for doing it with vivid examples, memorable catchphrases, or even gimmicky techniques.

Keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your time with your pro:

  • Be very clear and concise when requesting your tennis needs.
  • Show up on time, ready to play.
  • Do your stretching beforehand.
  • Have all your stuff.
  • Be patient — give your body and mind time to loosen up and get in the flow of things.
  • Forget your pro and concentrate on the ball.
  • Stay within your comfort zone.
  • Work on your game
  • Invest time to practice and play (this is the most important part of your development).
  • Enjoy yourself!

Private coaching is for anyone looking to improve their game in anyway. If you would like any individual coaching or more information about costs and availability, please contact one of our coaches. Members receive coaching discounts and this is reflected on the image.

Fees depend on the level of service a player requires to achieve their goals. Performance players may want the coach to attend matches, scout opponents, plan matches, organise fitness, tournament programme, video analysis and player profiling.

Individual Tennis lessons at Beverley Park LTC:

Coach: Carlos Caldeira
Mobile Number: 07966 370 527
Email: [email protected]

Individual Tennis lessons at Hartlepool Tennis Club:

Coach: Sunny Dimic
Mobile Number: 07984 316763
Email: [email protected]