Comedy Night 26 Jan 2018

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We always like to offer an event in the New Year to enjoy together. The annual dinner dances have not proved to be quite as popular recently as they used to be so this year we suggest a curry and comedy night at Camberley theatre.

The date .... Friday 26th January Cost £25 (may reduce slightly if we have a large group)
Includes 2 hours of comedy, a curry and an alcoholic drink.

There is a sign-up sheet in the clubhouse. The full amount will be required before the event and I will contact those who sign up to let you know when and how to make the payment.

Should be great fun and an excellent opportunity for all you new members to get to know others. We are proud that Camberley is such a socially friendly club - a place to make lasting friendships!!

For those of you who don't already know, we have themed social Saturday afternoons to celebrate the Grand Slam events. The next one is The Australian open. The Championships start on Monday 15th January so the next themed Saturday will be on Saturday 20th January. Australian food and drink will be on offer alongside the usual social tennis. Come on down, enjoy a can of "Fosters" and maybe something from the "Barbie"?