Sportch singles ladder app for everyone


In our membership survey a few years ago, two of the most significant reasons given for not being more involved with the club were not being able to: find other players of the same standard, and easily arrange to play at short notice.

To addresses those issues the Club has signed up to a British-built solution that offers an online and app-based singles ladder; a bit like a WhatsApp for members thats just for playing tennis (and for Juniors see below).

What the app offers

For you the app will mean being able to:

  • See players of your standard, male or female and invite them to play (you can filter the ladder by gender should you wish)
  • Send messages to arrange to play without exchanging phone numbers or email addresses
  • Use either the app or the website to interact and see how everyone else is getting on
  • Play matches in whatever format you agree with your oponent
  • Submit match results, a report, a sportsmanship rating and have your postion in the ladder automatically updated
  • Choose whether to have your match results contribute to your World Tennis Number (WTN)
  • Indicate when during the week you're most likely to be able to play and show if you're away or otherwise unavailable
  • Monitor your own playing statstics, those of other members and the Club

The ladder will run indfinitely and, as you've nothing to loose, why not join in sooner rather than later. Even if you're only going to play the occasional game through it, we're sure it'll mean you get more from your membership.

Signing up

To do this you'll need to have to hand:
1) A photo for your profile (optional but nice so people will recognise you)
2) Your LTA Number (provide it if you want your results to contribute to your WTN
3) Email address and mobile phone number

You may either download the app or sign up via a browser by going here and the important thing is to fill in the following fields when you get to populating your Profile:

Key sign up fields

If using the App ensure that notifications are enabled.

Sportch for Juniors

The Sportch app is designed for Juniors to and allows their parents or guardians to manage matchups on their behalf.

The difference is that when signing up a Junior the adult should choose to register on his/her behalf:

Sportch sign up for Juniors

You'll enter a username and password for him/her on the Create Junior screen and then provide your email address and mobile phone number on the Legal screen.

If you are registered as an Adult on Sportch you can then link your account to that of any Junior/s you are looking after. Do this by going to the Menu page and clicking on your profile image:

Menu page and click on profile image

Then use the Link Accounts popup to add the details of the Junior/s account/s you want to manage:

Account linking

You'll then be able to switch accounts by clicking on your profile icon on the Menu page and choosing the linked account to view/manage.

Help and tutorials

If you want to see what the whole signup sequence looks like you can take a look here.

And this is the brief promotional video that Sportch have created that explains the rationale of the app.

And this one is for getting started.

For questions and technical issues please contact our webmaster Quentin Brodie Cooper