Slinger Ball Machine

I have recently invested in the new game-changing tool - Slinger, an incredibly versatile and portable ball launcher and equipment bag. The Slinger will assist my coaching for improved demonstrations and more detailed instructions and give players over the age of 10 the opportunity (when not in use) to hire out the machine and practice solo on any available court at Warwick Boat Club.

Although it will never match the real experience of hitting against another player, the machine is a great training aid packed full of useful and fun features and accessories to help players practice without the need of a hitting partner. Players have full control over the area they decide to focus on, increasing personal responsibility in developing their game.

Instructional Video


  1. Message: Cameron - 07910 983 965
    WhatsApp or text details of your name & requested day & time slot
  2. Book Court: WBC - ClubSpark Court Booker
    Book your tennis court at Warwick Boat Club via the Clubspark Court Booking system
  3. Payment: Cameron - £10 (1 Hour) / £15 (90 Minutes)
    Pay by cash, card or online (Reference name & service)
  4. Collection: Cameron - WBC Clubhouse
    Pick-up & drop-off the ball machine at your agreed time slot


  • Highly Portable
    Slinger Bag is lightweight and portable so you can easily roll it out on court and set up to start launching balls within 1 minute
  • Fully Adjustable
    Easily control the launch speed, frequency and angle by using the built in control panel. With the Slinger remote control, you can turn on/off the oscillator and launcher to pick and choose which shot you want to practice from anywhere on the court. The faster the ball speed, the greater the topspin
  • Serving Ball-Boy
    Sit Slinger next to you with the unique ability to feed balls to your serving position so you can practice serves over and over again
  • 120 Performance Balls
    Good feeling and durable performance tennis balls provided and updated. The Slinger Launcher holds more than enough balls to get your pulse racing


  • Target Markers
    A variety of coloured marker cones will be stored inside the large gear compartment of the Slinger Bag, allowing you to set them up on court for precise target practice
  • Telescopic Ball Tube Pick-Up
    A smart accessory designed to save you the hassle of bending down to collect balls from around the court. The Slinger Telescopic Ball Tube Pick-Up can expand with a simple twist and lock mechanism to carry up to 20 balls… Half the size, double the capacity! The Slingerball tube also comes equipped with a hook to secure it to the net or the Slinger for easy transport
  • ServeMaster
    In the large gear compartment of the Slinger will be three varying weights and sizes of the ServeMaster, a revolutionary new tool developed primarily for mastering the feel of a fluid, rhythmic and powerful serve, smash, forehand and single handed backhand motion. ServeMaster accelerates the learning curve, aiding players to develop a more relaxed wrist and grip, allowing the weight of the racket head to do the work
  • GripFixer
    In the bottom side pocket of the Slinger will be one right and one left handed GripFixer. Attach the GripFixer over your racket handle and it will guide the placement of the fingers towards semi-western grip for forehand and continental grip for backhand, serve, volleys and smash. It enables players to easily improve all other aspects of their game with confidence their grip is correct and wont slip towards bad habits
  • Tennis Pointer
    In the large gear compartment of the Slinger will be three MSV Pointers (Junior/Mid/Pro). The tennis pointer or simply the wooden spoon is a tool designed to better understand the contact point on your racket so you can improve consistency on hitting the sweet spot. This will help improve coordination, footwork and timing on groundstrokes and netplay and perfect the service ball toss. It will also aid swinging the racket path flatter through the ball more towards the target for effortless power and control of direction
  • TopspinPro
  • In the large gear compartment of the Slinger will be the Topspinpro, a tool designed to easily teach players how to control the ball with topspin, to play tennis with the power and precision of a pro. The mesh screen panels create a 75 degree plane behind the ball that forces you to make contact with exactly the same racket-face angle as the pros. The ball is two-toned and mounted on a spindle to help you see & feel how to "brush" the ball, not hit it. The spring-loaded ball arm returns to the original position after each shot. The height-adjustable tripod provides the perfect combination of a sturdy base that can withstand the impact of heavy shots while also allowing you to set up, or pack away in 1 minute.
  • Demo Performance Rackets
    A selection of rackets will be stored in the large gear compartment of the Slinger Bag, allowing players to demo the latest range of performance rackets by Tecnifibre. Players can buy these rackets new from a choice of different weights and grip sizes to suit their playing needs
  • Camera Phone Holder
    Record, analyse and share your tennis in portrait or landscape view with the adjustable camera phone holder attached to the Slingers handle bar or court fencing and easily position the angle to get all you need in frame
  • Bluetooth Speaker
    The small side top pocket stores a portable Hive 2 speaker that you can connect with your mobile device to play some music as you workout on court
  • Device Chargers
    The Slingers  side pocket is equipped with retractable Type-C, Micro and Lightning USB fast charger cables, so you can charge multiple mobile devices at the same time on court
  • Physical Training Equipment
    The large side bottom pocket stores a resistence band, skipping rope and reaction balls for players to warm-up their body before they start playing
  • SwingVision App (Subscription Discount)
    Subscribe to SwingVision Pro and download the iOS app to get automated real-time shot tracking stats and video analysis with just your smartphone. Improve your game and experience tennis like the pros with the most advanced A.I. tennis app on the market
  • Slinger App (Coming Soon)
    Smart AI analysis and assessment of biomechanics and performance data specific to your game. Exclusive articles, instructional content and tips from ambassador pro's, coaches and experts along with a comprehensive video library of drills for your Slinger