Performance Programme

In order for players to maximise their potential, they need a programme that looks after all of their on and off court needs. I have developed an invitational performance programme at Warwick Boat Club that provides a holistic package, giving promising and aspiring players aged 10+ the opportunity to achieve their personal ambitions in tennis and become smart, skilled and athletic competitors of the game.

Through my own playing standard, insight and experience, along with a framework of performance coaching principles and knowledge, I aim to provide individuals with the attributes as a player and person that will further their development, performance and potential.

Performance Programme (Invitational)

  • Performance Squads: Develop your game in a team environment with intensive training squads during school terms
  • Holiday Performance Camps: Increase time on court between tournaments with intensive training camps during school holidays
  • Private Coaching: Fast-track improvement of most importance to your game with individual and shared on-court lessons
  • Ball Machine Launcher: Practice solo without the need of a hitting partner, developing your game at your convenience
  • Player Goal Setting: Build player motivation with off court planning and reviewing of process and outcome goals
  • Training & Tournament Scheduling: Plan a bespoke weekly training and annual competition schedule
  • Tournament Supervision: Recieve coaching support and guidance with supervised tournament visits
  • Match Analysis: Develop clear and effective process goals with pre, mid and post-match player analysis worksheets
  • Match Charting: Chart specific aspects of performance in matches for concise awareness of your game
  • Team Competition: Build match confidence and enjoyment competing with your peers in team singles and doubles leagues during the winter and summer seasons
  • Physical Conditioning: Maintain physical conditioning and prevent injury with stretching, resistance band, skipping rope, warmup & warmdown exercise routines
  • Performance Therapy: Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
  • Professional Racket Service: Receive expert advice to optimise racket playing sensations and performance with an on-site stringing and gripping racket service
  • Equipment Sponsorship: Receive equipment sponsorship discounts on performance tennis rackets and bags
  • US College Placement: Receive a clear pathway and guidance to gaining the opportunity for a US college placement or scholarship in tennis or academics

Performance Player Criteria

In order to gain acceptance into the performance programme, every player must be;

  • Regular competitors of the game with a strong desire to perform to the highest of their ability
  • Committed to giving their personal best effort in mind and body with a positive attitude
  • Contributing positively to a focused, high energy, competitive and purposeful training environment
  • Passionate about their tennis and willing to take Personal.Responsibility.In.Developing.Excellence
  • Respectful towards the coach and their peers with the belief that Together.Everyone.Achieves.More

As this is a performance environment where everyone is striving to be their best, fair consequences will take action if any player does not meet the behavior standards.


If you feel you meet the performance player criteria and aspire to be part of the performance programme as a full-time or access player, please get in contact...

07910 983 965