SwingVision Pro Discount

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Discount Code (14 Day Free Trial + $20 Saving)

The most advanced A.I. tennis app on the market with automated real-time shot tracking, video analysis and line calling with just a single smartphone.

SwingVision is an app which can be downloaded on to your iPhone or iPad. It analyses your shot speed and placement, challenges lines calls, replays your footage and creates video highlights of your best rallies.

This unique product provides real-time stats and video analysis in an affordable and easy to use package. Players at all levels of the game can get feedback on things like shot placement, posture or footwork while also tracking speed, type of stroke and spin.

Experience tennis like the pros with SwingVision, the perfect performance tool for you to level up your game.

  • Shot Tracking: stroke, spin, speed, placement, positioning, rally length
  • Video Analysis: rally trimming, shot/rally filters, automated highlights, cloud storage
  • Smart Coaching: session-over-session comparisons, smart insights, weekly goals
  • Match Analysis: automated score keeping, stats tracking, line calling