Slinger Ball Machine

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I have recently invested in the new game-changing tool - Slinger, an incredibly versatile and portable ball Launcher and equipment trolley. The Slinger will assist my coaching for improved demonstrations and instructions and give players over the age of 10 the opportunity (when not in use) to hire out the machine and practice solo on any available court at Warwick Boat Club.

Although it will never match the real experience of hitting against another player, the machine is a great coaching aid with an array of useful and fun features that help players practice without the need of a hitting partner. Players have full control over the area they decide to focus on with purpose, increasing personal responsibility in developing their game.


  1. Message: Cameron - 07910 983 965
    WhatsApp or text details of your name & requested day & time slot
  2. Book Court: ClubSpark Court Booker
    Book your tennis court at Warwick Boat Club via the Clubspark Court Booking system
  3. Payment: Cameron - £8 per 1 Hour
    Pay by cash, card or online (Reference name & service)
  4. Collection: Cameron - WBC Clubhouse
    Pick-up & drop-off the ball machine at your agreed time slot