Tiny movements of the racket in your hand can make a major difference to the accuracy of a shot. To maintain performance, routine re-grips of your racket are advised on a regular basis, especially when they start showing signs of wear, become slippy or feel uncomfortable.

1% of movement in the angle of your racket = 4ft of difference to where your shot goes.

I offer the highest quality of two grip types: Replacement Grips (applied directly onto the handle of the racket) and Over Grips (applied on top of the replacement grip).


Your own or chosen grip will be fitted to your racket with the grip end trimmed neatly for an even feel and tightly secured with finishing tape.


Tecnifibre X-Tra Feel: £7

  • Replacement Grip: 1.9mm thickness
  • Colour: Black or White
  • Provides: Fast absorbption, great cushion & durability

X-Tra Feel perfectly combines absorption and grip for optimal comfort. Hydrocell technology allows absorption up to 5 times faster than a standard grip. Ultra thin and firm replacement grip featuring impressive tackiness and cushioning for the ultimate feel on the racket grip with extreme durability.

Tourna Grip XL: £4

  • Over-Grip: 1.25mm thickness, Reversable
  • Colour: Light Blue 
  • Provides: Dry feel, tackiness and absorption

Tourna Grip is the choice of the professionals and is easy to spot, it is "The light blue grip that does not slip". This is the original creation, a dry feel over-grip that really soaks up sweat. It is ideal for hot humid days for a firm grip. It becomes tacky when wet, unlike other grips which slip when wet. The grip is also reversible, so can be used both sides to extend their lifespan. Tourna Grip simply outperforms any other over-grip on the market.

Tecnifibre Contact Pro: £3

  • Over-Grip: 0.66mm thickness
  • Colour: White, Black, Red, Green, Pink or Yellow
  • Provides: Strong Tackiness & Long Lasting

The Contact Pro over grip is the best-selling in the range. It brings a sticky touch for a firm grip and is highly recommended for temperate or cool climatic conditions.

Re-Grip: £1

  • Any Grip: Player's Personal Grip

Grip Benefits:

  X-Tra Feel Grip
(Replacement Grip)
Tourna Grip
(Over Grip)
Contact Pro
(Over Grip)
Tackiness ++ ++ +++
Absorption +++ +++ ++
Comfort +++ + ++
Durability +++ + ++