Week 7 Round-Up

It was a highly eventful week to conclude the first half of Carlton's 2023 campaign. The biggest story was the strange conclusion to the first team's top of the table clash with third division leaders Argyle 1.

In terms of the match itself, Carlton gave a strong showing despite going into the match knowing that they were the underdogs against a strong Argyle side. But despite the 11-5 loss on the court, the unexpected delay of entering the scoresheet within 48 hours after the match had finished by Argyle, meant the league enforced a 16-0 walkover win to Carlton. Barring an appeal by the home side, the unexpected twist keeps Carlton in the second promotion spot and now only behind leaders Argyle on set difference.


Meanwhile, the second team secured a win the old fashioned way. A 6-2 lead after the mixed doubles was maintained as they cruised to a comfortable 12-4 home win against Mawdesley 3. After what was a strong all-round team performance, that result moves Carlton into fifth place and are now closer to a promotion spot then they are from the bottom two.


Sadly for the third team, a couple of players missing meant they were already facing an uphill challenge against Birkdale 4. While there were opportunities to sneak a draw, the 4-0 headstart for the visitors proved too much in the end as Birkdale came out 11-5 winners.

That result keeps them in third place in the seventh division. But they are now four points off promotion.


Next weeks sees the first lot of reverse fixtures take place as week 8 begins the second half of the season.  While both the first and second teams will be looking to do one better against Waterloo 1 and Aughton 2 after securing draws in the first fixture, the third place travel to Southbank to do the double over their third team.


Thank you to everyone who competed for our club this past week.