Crowdfunder announcement

Carlton Lawn Tennis Club, is embarking on an exciting initiative to enhance its facilities and promote year-round tennis for the first time in the club's history in it's 100th year at its Dunkirk Road site.

The proposed upgrade aims to replace two shale courts with all-weather surfaces, ensuring that tennis enthusiasts who live in the surrounding area, can enjoy their favourite sport all year-round.

In order to achieve this, the club is putting a crowdfunding campaign together to raise £30,000. The crowdfunding campaign will go live on April 13th and the club are aiming to have achieved their goal by 10th May 2024.

To achieve this goal, Carlton LTC is turning to the community for support, seeking contributions through a crowdfunding campaign.

“We are thrilled to announce our initiative to upgrade two of our shale courts to all-weather surfaces,” said Jane Ratcliffe, of Carlton Lawn Tennis Club. “By making our facilities more weather-resistant, we hope to encourage greater participation in tennis and provide a space where our members can enjoy the sport they love, regardless of the season.”

As part of our crowdfunding efforts, Carlton LTC is reaching out to local businesses, inviting them to contribute to the campaign by donating goods or services that supporters can purchase. These contributions will go directly towards funding the court upgrade project. The club believes that through collective support from the community and local businesses, they can achieve their fundraising target and make a lasting impact on tennis accessibility in the area.

“We invite local businesses to join us in our endeavour to enhance our facilities and promote tennis as an accessible and inclusive sport for all,” added Club Captain Mick Walsh. “Your support will not only benefit our club but also contribute to the health and well-being of our community. With all weather courts we can continue to grow our junior section and attract new members “

Alongside this, the club is inviting individuals from the surrounding area to see what goods and services are available to purchase to help support the crowdfund. Currently people can get discounts on a range of items including stays in holiday cottages and vouchers for a local florist! 

We are hopeful that with the support of the community and potential backing from Sports England, we can realise our vision of transforming our facilities into a premier tennis destination in Birkdale.