Mixed Club Competition - Sunday 9 September

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The final friendly mixed competition will take place on Sunday 9 September.

As usual:

  • Ideally please arrange in advance to pair up with another player to try to ensure equal numbers of male and female competitors, although actual partners will be drawn on the day. Additional lady players would be very welcome!
  • Each pair then plays other pairs according to a specific schedule. The schedule is designed to spread play across the hard court and each grass court to try to ensure fairness.
  • Schedules are designed for any number from 3 to 12 pairs but a strict deadline of arrival by 1.45pm is needed if the process is to be manageable.
  • A token charge of £1 per entry will be made once more. However, since this is the final such event of the season, Prosecco and beers will be provided free of charge at the end of the afternoon.


Hope to see you on Sunday 9th September but if you have any queries then please don't hesitate to contact me.


Best wishes