Project Update 10

Welcome to our regular update on the progress of the Tennis Project. This periodic summary of progress is issued to club members, the Parish Council, CASPRA and other interested parties. In addition, it can be accessed in the “News” section of the club website.

Where we are now              

We have:

·Achieved Outline Planning Permission for two one and a half storey residences on the Holme Close site in order for an eventual sale to release the funds to relocate the club to new, purpose built, all-weather, whole year facilities at the Woodlands, Castor site.


·Developed plans comprise five all-weather tennis courts, three of which will be floodlit, two Padel Courts and 2 Pickle Ball courts. All the facilities will be available to members and non-members through an online booking system. 


·Continued to communicate regularly with members and other interested parties through circulating the “Summary of Progress” documents which are also stored on the club website.

What’s coming up

The date of the next meeting of the Project Committee is Monday 26 September 2022.

Want to know more?

If you have questions at any stage about these developments, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Project committee:


Will Burgess       07801-743968

Brian Gibson                 07841-529116

Richard Ingham                       07989-856155

David McPartlin             07707-036009

Bill Sansom                           07836-283964

Kevin Tighe                              07826-181479


David McPartlin

on behalf of Castor and Ailsworth Tennis Club Project Committee