Five & Ten Year Membership Packages

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5 & 10 year Membership Terms & conditions- 11 April 2019


  1. Background
    In order to raise funds to help advance the strategic plan the club in 2019 has offered five and ten year membership on adult and family membership. This is only available until 31 May 2019.
    The benefit to members is they lock in at todays membership rates
    The benefit to the club is it bring forwards revenue to fund capital projects.
  2. Eligibility
    To be eligible you need to meet the criteria for adult or family membership respectively on the date the membership is taken out.
    Eg For Family membership then the criteria are two adults and children under 18 or in full time education living at the same address.
  3. Transfer
    The membership can be sold or gifted once in each 5 year period.
    Transfer date should coincide with the start of the new membership year ie 1 April.
    Eg if someone wishes to sell their membership for the season 2023/24 then it should be registered with the club secretary by 1 April 2023.
    The person or persons that receive or acquire the membership (transferee) must be eligible on that date. Eg A family membership being sold on 1 April 2023 – The acquirer must be a family with two adults and children under 18 or in full time education living at the same address.
    To transfer membership the transferor must write or email the club secretary before the transfer date. In the event that the transferor has died then his estate can make the transfer request.
  4. Refusal of transfer,
    The secretary can refuse the transfer if in the belief of the committee the transferee is not suitable to be a member.
    In this scenario the secretary must either refund the membership that has not elapsed or orchestrate the transfer to another suitable member. The unelapsed membership refund will be calculated as the number of complete years remaining on the membership divided by the overall length of membership (ie 5 or 10 years) and multiplied by the purchase price of the 5 or 10 year membership.


       5.Clubs right to withdraw

In the unlikely event that due to financial circumstances the club needs to withdraw these memberships it will refund unelapsed membership in accordance with the terms in clause 4. This would require a majority vote by the committee and the refund would  have to be applied to all 5 & 10 year members. i.e it could not be applied to one group or selected members.