Club Events

Castor and Ailsworth Club Dates - Come and join in!

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Date Event
Saturday 8 December 2018 Christmas Social at White Hart, Ufford
Saturday 6 April 2019 "Tidy Up" at Courts
Wednesday 17 April 2019 Annual General Meeting at the Prince of Wales' Feathers, Castor
Sunday 28 April 2019 Opening of Grass Courts
Sunday 5 May 2019 Open Day
Saturday 1 June 2019 Friendly Mixed Competition
Saturday 22 June 2019 Friendly Mixed Competiton
Sunday 7 July 2019 Friendly Mixed Competition and Barbecue
Sunday 8 September 2019 Friendly Mixed Competiton
Saturday 28 September 2019 "Tidy Up" at Courts
Saturday 7 December 2019 Christmas Social