Juniors Tennis ladder rules:

        CHALLENGE LADDER FOR 2020/2021


Because of the distruption of lockdowns, we are going to extend the ladder competition until Easter Holiday


 There will be only one singles ladder for boys and girls together.

Players who would like to take part need to be confident to play vs older or younger players and use full yellow tennis balls on  full size tennis court

Intermediates (age 16 plus) may participate in the senior ladder



  1. A player can challenge any other player  who is a maximum of 2 places above or 2 places below them. The winner moves into the position of the losing player, but only if the loser was placed higher than the winner prior to match
  2. You cannot challenge or be challenged by the same player immediately. You must wait at least 14 days.
  3. Participants who are challenged, have 7 days to accept the challenge and schedule the match, unless injured or on holiday (then a 14 days period applies)
  4. Upon challenging or being challenged, the match must be played within 2 weeks from the date it was accepted.
  5. The challenger is awarded a default win if the challenged player cannot play the match within a 14 day period.
  6. Player(s) must accept a challenge unless the above rule applies.
  7. Both players are responsible for providing an unopened can of tennis balls, marked with the name or initial to identify them. Players should only touch their own marked tennis balls during warm up and the match, unless otherwise agreed. 
  8. Players need to book a court through the club booking system to play the match (you can also ask the organiser Cezar to help out with the booking).
  9. Matches played for any other purpose cannot be counted towards the challenge ladder.
  10. Any new players joining the ladder will be placed at the bottom.
  11. If a player does not play a single match within a 3 week period, this may result in them, dropping 1 place on the ladder
  12. All matches are best of 3 short sets with the winner being the playe who  first wins 4 games. In the event of 1  set all, the 3rd set will be a 10-point championship tiebreak (finishing 2 points clear).  Players should change ends every 6 points played (during a tiebreak). 
  13. We would like to see our students to play one match every of couple of weeks (holiday etc may be the exception to this rule), there is no maximum number of matches that a player can play however, the recommendation is to play a maximum of 2 matches per week.


After the match is completed players need to confirm the result by sending an email or text to ladder organiser: [email protected] - mobile 07976513536  and then the ladder will be amended on the website.


Remember this is friendly competition and should be fun and enjoyable at all times.

Safety measures should be followed in accordance with the guidelines of The Government, Lawn Tennis Association and Whitkirk Tennis Club’s CV-19 policies.

Lawn Tennis Association latest Covid_19 updates

If you have more questions or would like to purchase tennis balls to play the match, contact the tennis ladder organiser Cezar for more details.