Chairman's New Season Newsletter 2021

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Chantry Tennis Club new season newsletter 2021


Dear Chantry Member,


Thank you all very much for your support  last year.

We  experienced a strange and  difficult last 12 months and I am very much hoping we will get back to something approaching normality for tennis at Chantry this year with our season  commencing on 29 March.




I attach a summary of permitted tennis activity produced by the LTA. Points to note are:


  • social play both singles and doubles are permitted although the Rule of 6 applies. The Rule of 6 does not apply to organised group activity.
  • 1.1 coaching and group coaching is permitted.
  • singles and doubles competitions are permitted as are club matches.
  • access to the clubhouse is only permitted to use the toilets and collect tennis balls ( at certain times last year we were required to provide our own tennis balls and this no longer applies).
  • spectating is not allowed nor is socialising before or after playing tennis.


We expect the LTA guidance to change on a regular basis throughout the season and we will do our best to update members once the details are known.




Following the 101st AGM on 22 March the members of the committee are now as follows:


President:                                            Alan Holland  

Chairman of Committee:           Nick East

 Secretary:                                          Kathryn Farrow

 Treasurer:                                          Ian Hardy  

Membership Secretary:            Guy Wardle

Clubhouse secretary                 Alan Holland

 Match Secretary:                       Dave Eddy

Match Captain (Ladies):          Kathryn Farrow  

Match Captains (Mens):        Dave Eddy

 Sec Social:                                  Di Furbank

Sec Grounds Committee:  Dave Eddy

Welfare and Safeguarding

Officer:                                         Alice Rees

Fundraising:                              Chris Harris

Liaison with Moseley Park 
& Pool Trust:                              Mark Eftichiou

Members of committee:  Miguel King, Pete Clegg Georgia Dickinson and Ana Poveda


I have taken over as Chairman of the Committee from Alan which will be a very hard act to follow. On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank Alan for the immense contribution he has made to the club over many years. The good news is that Alan will remain as President of the club and stay on the Committee as Clubhouse secretary.


I am very pleased to welcome Di, Pete, Georgia and Ana as new members of the committee.


We have set up strategy groups looking at:


  • The vision for the club and how to retain existing members and recruit new members
  • Committee roles
  • The clubhouse and in particular improvements to the existing clubhouse and whether building a new clubhouse is feasible
  • Lighting for the courts
  • Sponsorship


If any of you are interested in joining the Committee or participating in the strategy groups please let me know. A considerable amount of time effort goes into running the club and we would welcome anyone who is able to contribute.




For the time being access to the clubhouse will be limited solely to the use of the toilets and collecting tennis balls. We will let you know as soon as there is any relaxation of LTA guidance regarding this.


A skip has been ordered this weekend and a working party will be clearing out any unnecessary items. Dave has arranged for cleaners to undertake a deep clean of the clubhouse. The current plan is then for cleaners to undertake a biweekly clean of the clubhouse.


More information will follow in due course regarding any improvements to the clubhouse once the strategy group has reported back to the Committee                                  




Dave is the Grounds Secretary and has arranged for Nathan and Giuseppe to prepare our five courts to be ready for play on 29 March.  


Unfortunately Giuseppe will be taking up a new job shortly and although it is hoped in the future Nathan will continue to prepare the courts at the beginning of the season and repair damage caused to the courts as a result of adverse weather conditions , arrangements will need to be made for the upkeep of the courts during the season.  


Last year new drainage channels were installed on the three new courts, which appear to be working well.


In the meantime, Dave has asked that we should all ensure when using the courts:


  • The courts are  dragged after use.  Please use the drag nets or a broom to smooth off the court, being careful not to snag and pull out the lines.
  • During dry conditions the courts should be watered before use .  On each set of courts is a hosepipe.  Turn on the tap at the fixed end and twist the brass nozzle towards the court.  Please be sure to stow the hose out of the way and turn off the tap after use.
  • The courts should not be used if excessively wet and soft or covered in surface water.


Dave has also asked me to mention that there is no booking system for the courts, but priority is to be given as follows:


  1. For matches.  This season matches will be played on the two junior courts.
  2. Mens match practice, which takes place on a Monday night from 18:00.
  3. Ladies match practice, which takes place on Wednesday night from 18:00.
  4. Adult coaching, which takes place on Thursday night from 18:00.
  5. Social tennis, details to be confirmed but it is likely to take place on Sunday at 16:00


Courts should be available for social play on the dates/times of the events referred to above, other than possibly Monday from 18:00 when it is likely all the courts will be used for mens match practice.


The use of the courts will also be restricted during the Jazz & Folk Festivals, assuming they  take place.  These festivals are an important source or revenue for the club.


The Jazz Festival is from Friday 2 July to Sunday 4 July, when the junior courts and the clubhouse will be used.  


The Folk Festival is from Friday 3 September to Sunday 5 September, when the junior courts  the clubhouse and one main court will be used.  


There is the possibility of a third festival from Friday 27 August to Sunday 29 August, but details have not yet been announced.


Details for arrangements for playing tennis during the festivals will be provided nearer the time.  Chris Harris, the committee member who is responsible for arrangements for the festivals, will ensure that access to the courts not being used for the festivals is available to any members who wish to play.






Last season we did not receive any income from the festivals and the membership subscription was reduced as there were fewer opportunities to play. We also incurred expenditure on the new drainage system for the three main courts and consequently our cash reserves were reduced.




There were no team matches last year.


This  season we will have 3 mens teams, a ladies team and a mixed team in the Metropolitan League as well as 2 mens teams and a ladies team in the Birmingham League as follows:



Mens 1 Div 1

Mens 2 Div 2

Mens 3 Div 4

Ladies   Div 3

Mixed Div 4



Mens 1 Div 2

Mens 2 Div 5

Ladies   Div  6


I attach a list of all this season’s matches and anyone wishing to join in with team play should contact the respective team captains Dave and  Kathryn.




I do hope that this season as many of you as possible come to play on our competition days, they are fun, short and well organised. The format is designed to give everyone a chance through the handicap system and to enjoy themselves with lots of changes of partner and short matches.


These are the dates for your diary. All very welcome.


Rose Bowl tournament Sunday 19th June 2pm – a short ‘round robin’ mixed doubles tournament with a corkscrew handicap and a ‘bring and share’ tea if LTA Covid regulations permit.


Club ladies, mens and mixed doubles handicapped tournaments – knock out competitions.  Date to be confirmed.


President’s Plate tournament Sunday 19th September  2pm – short ‘round robin’ separate ladies and men doubles tournaments with a corkscrew handicap.


Singles tournaments.  Date to be confirmed.


Congratulations to all who took part last year and to our worthy winners:


Mens Singles                          Pete

Ladies Singles                        Whig

Mens Doubles                      Nick and Max

Ladies Doubles                   Erin and Georgia

Mixed Doubles                   Justin and Jo

Presidents Plate Men    John Eddy

Presidents Plate Ladies  Whig

Rosebowl Men                    Nick

Rosebowl Ladies              Vanessa

Mens Singles Plate          Justin

Ladies Singles Plate         Erin



We are very pleased that our excellent LTA coach, Rollie Wilson, will continue as Club Coach.  


Rollie’s group coaching sessions will re-start on 1 April at 18:00.  These sessions are a great way of improving your skills, keeping fit and meeting members of the club.


Private lessons are also available with Rollie.


Rollie has asked me to mention that he has had both of his Covid injections and has twice weekly Covid tests because of his school teaching work.


Rollie can be contacted on 07768840501.




Our new Social Secretary Di has a number of exciting ideas about social tennis and social events and more details will follow once we have greater clarity regarding LTA  restrictions.


We remain keen for members to make full use of the courts and bring friends and relatives to play as visitors. It is only £3 to bring a friend to play and hopefully they subsequently feel tempted to join.


There is a Chantry Tennis Club WhatsApp group that some members use to arrange matches and exchange information. Any member who wishes to join the group, please email [email protected] to confirm and you will be added.


We have a club website that can be found at




It is a requirement in our Lease that our members are legitimate users of Moseley Park.

Please note the requirements set out in the attached membership application form.




Register on the LTA website as a British Tennis Member affiliated to Chantry Tennis Club.


It is free and brings benefits to the club by allowing you to enter the Wimbledon ticket draw so increasing everyone’s chance of tickets and it raises our profile as a Tennis Club.


Just be sure to make a note of your number when you have done it!




We strive to make our club great value for money and we succeed!


Having been held constant for many years subscriptions need to rise to reflect the financial challenges ahead. At the AGM the 2021 subscriptions were approved as follows:

Family:                        £240 (£220 if paid by 30th April)

Adult:           £120 (£110 if paid by 30th April)

 Over 70:                     £100 (£95 if paid by 30th April)

25/FT student:     £60

Under 18: £35

Visitor fee: £3


Please pay your sub as soon as possible.

The best way for all payments is electronic these days, even the £3 visitor fee can be paid electronically during the season.


If you wish to join or re-join the club,  a membership form can be obtained from our membership secretary Guy at [email protected] All members, even established ones, need to complete a membership form this year to confirm you are content for your name/address to be shared with our landlord and also so we can be sure we have the correct email address for you.


I look forward to seeing you on the court!