COVID-19 Use of courts

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Cheddington Tennis Club has undertaken a risk assessment and is able to operate with the following restrictions. They are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible and failure to adhere to them will result in membership cancellation. Please ensure that you, and anyone else covered under your membership, are aware of the following:

  •      A maximum of two players is allowed per court, unless players are all from the same household.
  •      Children under the ages of 16 are not allowed to use the courts unsupervised.
  •      Players should bring their own rackets/balls.  All balls should be marked clearly with the player’s initials to avoid swapping.
  •      Please do not touch or adjust the height of the nets – they have been set to the correct height.
  •      Please do not touch or sit or the benches.
  •      You are also advised to bring your own hand sanitiser to use before and after play. There is a limited supply of hand sanitiser at the courts – please do not remove it.
  •      To access the car park-side tennis court, use the door by the noticeboard.  To access the pavilion-side tennis court, use the door by the floodlight box.  The third court is reserved primarily for the club coach, but can be used at quiet times.
  •      Spectators are not permitted on the court, but are welcome to watch from outside on the recreation ground.

Court etiquette and other notes:

  •      Please be thoughtful and courteous to other members. The club will soon be implementing a booking system, but until that time if there are other people waiting please limit your play to one hour only.
  •      Correct Tennis Footwear MUST BE WORN on the courts at all times.  Trainers and/or shoes with black soles (which may mark the courts), should not be worn.
  •      Playing conditions - It is left to the players to decide if the court is playable (such as following rain) and to play responsibly.
  •      Loose balls are a danger.  Balls out of play should be kept are at the very edges of the court.
  •      Due to the location of the courts, we always recommend that players bring a mobile phone with them in case of emergency.
  •      Please do not attempt to use the floodlights as they do not form part of the “Summer Special” membership package.
  •      There are no toilet facilities available at this time.