Cheshire Tennis Starter Tournament

Cheshire Tennis Starter Tournament

Piloting our new tournament was great fun this weekend!

The starter events are for Cheshire players who have no more than 10 wins, providing an introduction to competition for younger and less experienced players. 

Key features include rule adaptations where needed to help players compete, scorers on every court, medals for every player, parent support, access to a WhatsApp competition support group, and follow-up information on how to progress to the next level. These additions are more than most club and competition organisers can offer, but we hope the events will provide players and parents with a positive start, so they are ready to venture into the wider competition scene.   

We were amazed to receive 37 entries for this weekend. Sadly, court space only allowed us to accept 20 into the draw, but we will make sure that more eligible players will have the chance to participate in the future.

A demonstration outlined the rules and set the tone for a positive day. The competition was hard fought but played in good spirit. I saw lots of smiles, which was fantastic. Thank you and congratulations to all the players and parents. You made it a great day. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

A special mention must go to Mike, our referee, and to the scorers. They all did a wonderful job and kept the day running smoothly.  

As this was our first Cheshire Starter tournament, there was lots to learn. We look forward to our next starter event, and we hope to make it even better.  

If you are interested in entering the next event, please follow the link.