Grants Available for Seniors' Tennis

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Applications are welcomed for the 2022 Seniors Tennis GB (STGB) / LTA grant scheme 

Grants of £200 are available to help 

- run a recreational competition for seniors aged 30+ using the new ITF World Tennis Number 


- a ‘let’s start tennis’ scheme aimed at encouraging new or returning players to play tennis. 

The £200 can be used towards trophies, organiser time, marketing etc. Reasonable entry fees can be charged to generate some money.  

Results must be submitted using LTA Competition Software such as Results Manager so that the resulting World Tennis Number is updated. Schemes must be sustainable – for example showing this is the first of what you hope to be a number of events and communications. Use this link to apply 

All marketing and communications material must use the STGB and LTA logos.  

Application deadline is 31st May 2022. 

Any questions? Contact Anne Clark ( [email protected]