Cheshire Coach Network Group


We hope you are all safe and well in the current circumstances.

Prior to Christmas, we announced that Inspire 2 Coach has been awarded exclusive responsibility to service Cheshire in delivering LTA Qualifications , LTA CPD, along with offering any bespoke support to venues and coaches across the area.

Due to Covid 19 and current restrictions these plans have been delayed, however we are now in a position to share the latest updates. 

We know that there are a number of local social networking groups set up around the County where coaches are sharing information, ideas, challenges and problem solutions. Communication and support is key, no more so than with the current challenges and we are keen to have a channel for planning and delivering tennis across Cheshire for I2C, LTA/CCLTA and coaches.

With this in mind we are looking at setting up a Cheshire Coach Network Group where we will have 6 volunteer coach representatives, one from each of the below areas. 

Cheshire East

Cheshire West



Warrington / Halton


It will be up to the group to decide on the best way to be effective, but out initial thought was to have 3-4 meetings across the year to share key information, update on changes, share feedback from what’s happening on the ground and help to plan and review the support needed for coaches. If planned well then these meetings will be time limited and should have actions that progress coaching in Cheshire.

We see the representative as someone who is engaged with other coaches and has the ability to use social media, calls/texts with other coaches in their area with a positive attitude. We are after coaches at any level of experience and qualification.

If you are interested in taking up 1 of the above 6 roles we would be grateful if you would get in touch via email with the following information:

  • your name,
  • coach code,
  • email address,
  • mobile phone number
  •  venue (s) where you coach
  • statement (no more than 150 words) highlighting your interest in getting involved and your relevant experience in tennis. 

We want to ensure that we have a broad mix of experience with coaching so will be looking at the composition of the whole group and will select accordingly where there is interest from several coaches from the same area. Once we have appointed the roles, we will arrange the first meeting (via Zoom) to include the below,

  • Introduction of people and their roles
  • Purpose of the group and format/set up
  • Actions to set up & link in to communication channels with coaches.

First key communications

  • New Coach Development Centres (Inspire 2 Coach - Cheshire)
  • Revamped LTA Coach Qualifications
  • Revamped Continued Professional Development opportunities
  • Discuss ideas around coach engagement
  • Other key updates

If interested in this great opportunity, please email no later than Monday 1st March 2021.