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End of season men's and ladies' teams' American Tournament: match report

This year the traditional end of season friendly match had a different format, and rather than a match, it was actually an American Tournament. The men’s team and the ladies team contributed 8 players each, and played a series of 10-minute mixed doubles tiebreaks with different partners, the object being to win as many points as possible in 10 minutes.  It was a lot of fun and the standard of the tennis was high. Well played to everyone who took part!

The ladies’ team players selected to play were:

Zoe, Celine, Lisa, Eva, Rachel, Isabelle, Sue, and Giorgia.

And the men’s team representatives were: 

Barnaby, Ed, Hugo, Rosti, Niklas, Henry, Roger and Leighton.

Seven rounds were played, and the tennis was followed by prize-giving, supper (pasta al forno with salad, followed by Honeydew melon), and season reviews by the team captains, Ed and Zoe.

The American Tournament was closely contested, but the eventual winners were:

1st place: Eva: 82 points

2nd place: Roger: 79 points

Runners up were Hugo (77 points) and Celine (76 points).

Zoe, the ladies’ team captain, gave a brief summary of the season. She congratulated all her players on their important contributions to a successful first season in the Middlesex Summer League. Some highlights:

Most Valuable Player: Zoe: 11 sets

Best Win/ Loss ratio: Katie: 10 sets won -5 sets lost

Most Dependable Player: Alison: played 6 matches.

After the match supper, Ed, the men’s team captain, ran through the men’s season, drawing attention to some key performances:

Most Valuable player in the Middlesex League: Barnaby: 15 sets

Best Young Players: Hugo and Niklas: 5 sets

Best Rookie: Rosti: 5 sets; Runners up: Raj and Henry: 3 sets

Ed also congratulated Zoe and her players on their great job in getting the Chiswick TC Ladies’ Team off the ground and going from strength to strength.

Thank you to everyone who played in the end of season American Tournament and a big thank you to every single player who played team tennis this year, namely:

Ladies’ team:

Zoe, Katie, Alison, Lisa, Sue, Celine, Eva, Isabelle, Amy, Annette, Giorgia, Jocelyn, Claire, Rachel, and Fiona.

Men’s team:

Barnaby, Ed, Nat, Abraham, Frank, Scott, Hugo, Rosti, Niklas, Raj, Henry, Callum, and Alex.

Best of luck to the Chiswick teams participating in winter leagues, which will be starting soon. For more information, contact the winter league team captains below:

Ladies’ Middlesex Winter League team captain: Zoe: 

Men’s Middlesex Winter League team captain: Aneet:

Men’s Winter National League team captain: Nat: