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October newsletter

New Members

A warm welcome to new members Fiona Hamilton, Kate Stewart, Lizzie Edwards and Will Peacock.

Recycled Tennis Balls – Charity Donation

Thank you to everyone who has been putting their tired tennis balls into the black recycling bin near the clubhouse. We've been able to make a donation of £37.50 to Age Concern Chiswick for our latest batch of recycled tennis balls.

Wimbledon Tickets

The Wimbledon public ballot is now open!  You can now apply for tickets online and applications to enter next year's Wimbledon public ballot via the following link until 10th October:

Please note that in recent years there have been changes around obtaining Wimbledon tickets through the Club ballot.  Wimbledon stopped allocating tickets to clubs for them to distribute to members; instead there is also the opportunity to apply for tickets through the LTA members’ ballot, on top of the public ballot, through your LTA Advantage account. The LTA ballot isn’t open yet but you can visit the following site for an update:

New Visitors

A reminder for members to please close the gates of the courts when leaving the courts. We appear to have a new fox visitor or two. Despite constant efforts to seal up the burrow, which is probably over 25 years old, the foxes seem adamant they won’t leave. This baby fox thought the tennis ball in Jo Martin’s hand was food. He then tried to enlist for Ballet in the clubhouse.......thinking it would include the Foxtrot.


Club Defibrillator and First Aid Training

The Club has a defibrillator which is situated on the right hand side of the terrace. Two training sessions were recently held in the clubhouse and were well attended.

If you missed the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training session held at the clubhouse this week, or if you want a reminder, you can find a video from the people who gave the training on their website They plan to add a defibrillator training video at some point.

If you’d like to take part in a session in the future then please contact:

Club Championship

The CTC Club Championship is now well under way. Thank you to Ed Thorn for organising this and giving members the opportunity to meet and play with other members that they may not have had a chance to play with before. Here’s a picture from a recent match of four players battling it out in the rain:

Best of luck to everyone taking part!

Club Box League

The next round of the box league starts on 9th October. This is a chance to play against other members of similar standard. It's singles, just one set per match, at mutually convenient times, so a great way to get out on the court.

Contact organiser Ed Thorne at by Friday 6th October if...

- you're not already in the box league and you want to join

- you're in and you want to drop out

- you're in but you didn't play any matches in the current round and you want to stay in

If you're in, you played at least one match in the current round and you want to stay in you don't need to do anything - Ed will put you into the new round. Inactive players will be removed unless they contact Ed.

LOVEtennis Coaching

Adult Intermediate Drop in Sessions l LOVEtennis @ Chiswick Tennis Club

Wednesdays 09:30am and Fridays 10:00am

These sessions are for players who are comfortable at rallying from the back of the court with good technical fundamentals. Players in this class can direct the ball cross court or with depth at medium pace and may also be able to generate pace and or spin.

Session includes 1 – 2 hours (depending on numbers) of drills, technique, double’s tactics and a whole lot of excitement and interaction

£21 per person per session

Please see the below that applies to the amount of players signed up:

1 Player - Player can request a private lesson instead

2 Players - 60 min

3 - 4 Players - 90 min

4 Players or more - 2 hours

Kindly see the below link for bookings and more information:



Please contact: for more information.


Roof Works Planned

Work will begin to repair the clubhouse on 9th October. There may be some disruption around the clubhouse for approximately one week.


Members are please reminded to not take the blue chairs onto the courts or the clubhouse terrace as their metal legs cause damage to the court and terrace surfaces.

Tennis Social Evening

On the last Saturday evening in September some members enjoyed drinks at the Bell & Crown in Chiswick. There was a good turn out of players from both Saturday Social and Sunday Social and great for everyone to catch up with each other. Thank you to John Lucas for organising this and getting members together.