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Match report: Pre Season Mixed doubles match: Tigers v Tarantulas

Last Thursday there was a pre-season mixed doubles friendly match involving men’s and ladies team members. Players were put into 2 teams:

“Team Tigers”: Cristina & Ed, Fiona & Callum, Eva & Leighton;

“Team Tarantulas”: Celine & Lisa, Lauren & Riccardo, Giorgia & Scott.

The tennis was competitive but played in a very good, fair spirit, highlights (or lowlights, depending on your point of view!) being when the all-lady first pair for Team Tarantulas thrashed Team Tigers team captain and his partner 6-0, and when Lisa managed to keep bragging rights in the Woods household with a win over Leighton and his partner.

Despite these flashes of brilliance from the Tarantulas team, the Tigers in the end prevailed, in no small part due to a masterclass from Fiona and Callum, who won three good sets.

Well played everyone, and good luck to both men’s and ladies’ teams for the season ahead!

Scores as below:

Round 1:

Fiona & Callum beat Celine & Lisa 6-4

Eva & Leighton beat Lauren & Riccardo 6-3

Cristina & Ed beat Giorgia & Scott 6-4

Round 2:

Eva & Leighton lost to Celine & Lisa 3-6

Cristina & Ed lost to Lauren & Riccardo 3-6

Eva & Leighton beat Giorgia & Scott 6-2

Round 3:

Cristina & Ed lost to Celine & Lisa 0-6

Fiona & Callum beat Lauren & Riccardo 6-3

Eva & Leighton beat Giorgia & Scott 6-3

Final Score: Tigers 12, Tarantulas 6