October Newsletter

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A lot is happening at the moment!

Macmillan Cancer Support Event Saturday 7 October

We are proud to be supporting the Macmillan Cancer Fund with an event combining the enthusiasm of members for tennis and cake on a Saturday afternoon!

An American tournament – back by popular demand! Come along at 13.30 to register; play starts at 14.00. Partners to be drawn on the day.

The Great Club Cake-Off starring our own Club Bakers with a prize for the “Star Baker”! Bring your cakes and your taste buds….

The American tournament is designed for members of all abilities, but for those who just want to play their Saturday afternoon tennis, two courts have been set aside - court 4 from 13.30 onwards and court 3 from 14.00.

Club sessions in the evenings

As the light continues to draw in, the floodlit courts will be available as follows:

Mondays          Fully used for coaching until 20.30

Tuesdays         Club session from 19.00 onwards, targeted at improvers and intermediates

Wednesdays     Team practice session from 19.30 onwards, open to all advanced team, or aspiring team, players.

Thursdays        Fully used for coaching until 20.30

Fridays             Club session from 19.00 onwards. However, a few Fridays are required for Winter League matches – check before you come!

Midweek Club sessions

Club sessions of varying sizes are block booked, normally on a couple of courts, throughout the week (Mon am, Tues eve, Fri am and Fri eve) and members playing in these sessions are expected to engage in the usual practice of mixing in and stopping at 6-5 if others are waiting. There is nothing to stop individually arranged matches from taking place on other courts at the same time. Any such matches playing on courts booked for a Club session, must be prepared to move on request.

Date for your Diary

The Committee has agreed that the AGM will be held on Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Half-term Camps October 23 - 27

Our holiday camps are proving increasingly popular. Junior members should already have received details – if you have not received them, details are attached.


Members may be aware of the theft of the mower from the container last month in what was clearly a professional job. As a consequence, we have taken advice from the police and decided to install an appropriate security system. Meanwhile, if you see any suspicious activity around the container area, do not approach any individuals but, if possible, note any car number and report it as soon as possible to any member of the Committee.

Teams for 2018

The Club has been asked to make its entries for the 2018 Cambs League by 20 October. Currently we have 4 Men’s teams (in Divisions 1, 3, 9, 10), 3 Ladies teams (in Divisions 2, 5 and 8) and 2 Mixed teams (in Divisions 4 and 9). We do not currently enter teams into the Veterans (Mixed 45+) Leagues, which are played between January and April). If you have any views on this, please let one of our team captains know as soon as possible. Full details of our teams and their performance this year can be found at https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/CocksandHensTennisCambridge/Playingtennis/Teams

Floodlights – link + letter from residents

Our application for floodlights was submitted on 11 September and is currently out for consultation – deadline for responses 18 October. Members are encouraged to support on the proposals at  http://plan.scambs.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/WPHAPPDETAIL.DisplayUrl?theApnID=S/3166/17/FL&theTabNo=3&backURL=<a href=wphappcriteria.display?paSearchKey=1367193>Search Criteria</a> > <a href='wphappsearchres.displayResultsURL?ResultID=1841566&StartIndex=61&SortOrder=rgndat:desc&DispResultsAs=WPHAPPSEARCHRES&BackURL=<a href=wphappcriteria.display?paSearchKey=1367193>Search Criteria</a>'>Search Results</a>

Fences and wind breaks

Members will have noted the recent installation of a new, wider, gate into court 5. This has enabled the necessary machinery for the regular court maintenance to be brought in and the essential annual maintenance was carried out last week. We have also placed an order with Cambridge Courts to replace the fencing wind breaks damaged in Storm Doris. They have not yet been able to give us a date for commencing work, but it is hoped that it will be before Christmas.

Results of the Survey of Members

Very many thanks to all those 77 members who participated in our survey and particularly to those who have offered their asistance. We have a wealth of data that has already been useful and I will eventually leave a summary report on the notice board. Much of the survey was in the detailed feedback but one or two interesting statistical results included:

The most popular ways of playing tennis at the Club were, in order of popularity

Regular Groups arranged by a member (score 2.32)

Individually arranged games (score 2.26)

Club sessions (score 2.08)

Group Adult Coaching (score 2.02)

Answers to “How often do you play tennis were scored: Never = 1, Occasionally = 2, Once week = 3, More than once a week = 4

Whilst scores were quite close, this, quite surprising, result highlights the diversity of our members.

There was significant interest in some more competitive play and I hope that the recent Knockout and American tournaments, together with the introduction of a box league, will go some way to fulfilling that.

Overall, the feedback was encouraging. The two concerns that were most frequently raised were the lack of floodlights and wind breaks (see above). There were also a number of suggestions that our induction programme should be improved and we will be addressing this over the winter.

There was significant interest in a Sunday afternoon Club session – watch this space!

With regard to the future size of the Club, 50% had no strong feelings, whilst the 82% of the others felt that there was continuing room for growth to between 500 and 800 members.

Club Tournament

Many thanks to Matt Taylor for his work in getting this going and to Carolyn Moore for organizing the catering for the Finals afternoon. A great shame that they were unable to organize the weather, but congratulations to the winners that have managed to complete their matches so far.

Headlines from the recent Committee meeting

We hope to fill the potholes in the access road soon. If you have access to a 4 tonne trailer and/or a “whacker” please let David Taylor, or any member of the Committee know.

Club Clothing may be obtained from Top Spin Tennis – shop at Hills Road Tennis Centre. £1 goes to Junior Development

Work to be done on improving the showers by stabilising the temperature, making them more private and adding hooks and soap racks within the shower area.

Tennismark – we believe that we have now achieved the necessary criteria and we will be dealing with the necessary paperwork in the next few weeks.

We agreed to advertise for a paid part-time Administrative Assistant to take some of the strain from Committee members.

Betty Crowther will be stepping down as Membership Secretary at the end of the year and it is hoped that this appointment will make the role more manageable.