Court Keys

Look After Court Keys!

If you are a renewing member you will not be issued a new court key.  If existing members lose their court key they would normally be expected to pay a £10 replacement fee.  We hope that this is an incentive to look after your court key, which after all gives paying members access to the tennis courts 365 days a year.  If an existing member should find a court key either at Cold Ash Tennis Club or at Bradfield or any other location that the club is playing tennis, then please hand it it any member of the committee team. A communication will be sent to the Club membership contact list to try to locate its owner.

New Member Court Keys

When applying for annual membership although many members chose to respond to the email invitation sent by the Club to renew membership from mid April, some do not and apply through the website as if they were a new member.  Not only does this create a duplicate record of a member's details, but it also indicates that a 'new member' may potentially require a court key.  To reduce administration we kindly ask that all geniune new members that need keys contact the membership secretary Gary Fox ( to arrange the handover of a new key and welcome to the Club by him or one of the Committee team members.

Expired Members

All inactive members who are still on our database but have let their membership lapse through non-payment of their membership package will be contacted each year return their court key(s) to the club.  I'm sure that you can appreciate the cost of getting keys cut for a small club such as our own is a cost worth saving. Not to mention that non-paying members should not have access to the courts unless they are invited by another member. 

All keys should be returned either to a Committee member (see 'Contacts') or to the Cold Ash Parish Council Mailbox outside the Parish office in the Acland Hall car Park.

Many thanks.

Enjoy your tennis!