Members Update

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Dear Member,



Now that we have some decent early Spring weather, I hope that you are managing to get on court.


Mini courts 


The club has been advised today that work will start on Monday to rebuild the boundary wall between the mini courts and the neighbouring property on Dreghorn Loan.  


It is not clear how long this work will take, but to ensure everyone's safety, during the period the works are underway the mini courts will not be available for use. Hynek will remove the mini nets on Monday and benches will be put in place to discourage access to this area. I would ask all members, for their own safety and the safety of their children,  to keep clear of the mini courts during the period of the works.


I would also take this opportunity to advise that the club has accepted a quotation for the rejuvenation of the mini courts. This will be done as soon as possible after the works to the boundary wall are completed. 


We have also accepted a quotation for the extension of the practice wall to the south for some three metres. This is to overcome the problem of users of the practice wall being at risk of tripping over the mini nets.  We are in discussion with the builder, and seeking advice from Tennis Scotland/LTA, to ensure that the proposed construction has sufficient structural strength.    



Singles League


Judging by the number of members who have asked me in recent days, I know that the better weather means that many of you are keen to see the singles league awake from its winter hibernation and for the 2021 season to commence. 


The first round of the 2021 singles league will commence on Monday 22nd March. Any adult member can ask to take part as can juniors who are able to play singles competently against adults. 


The singles league has been increasingly successful since it started in 2012 and I am anticipating considerable demand to take part this year, particularly given the current restrictions on other sporting activities including doubles tennis.  


The format is familiar to very many of you, but to any new members, full details are issued in advance of each round. Normally there are six divisions with between six and eight players in each division. The top two and bottom two players in each division at the end of each round are respectively promoted or relegated for the next round.  Each round normally lasts six weeks. So, players are expected to play between five and seven matches during the six weeks of each round. Each match is two full sets plus, if necessary, a long tie break as a third set.  


If you would like to take part in round one, please send me a brief email to that effect by Wednesday 17th. March at [email protected] . If you have not previously taken part, also include a phone number which you are happy to have made available to other players so that you can be contacted to arrange matches.  Full details will then be sent out a day or two in advance of the start on Monday 22nd March.  


I will do my best to include everyone who would like to take part, but that may not be possible if the numbers are too high. If you are really keen, as I know many of you are, do not delay replying to advise of your wish to take part.    




Gordon Shirreff

President, CLTC