Autumn/Winter Considerations Before Stepping on Court

As we move into Autumn and Winter this is a reminder that it is each member's individual decision around whether they consider the courts suitable for play.  The Club maintains the court surface  to a high standard, with an annual maintenance programme in place. However individuals need to assess the court's suitability for play based on weather conditions and level of ability at the time. 

Another item to check as we head into the new season is the status of your tennis shoes. They wear out more quickly than you might think so why not take a moment now to look at the tread on your shoes and make sure that you are sure they are fit for use, given damper and colder conditions on court. 

As an example, attached is a photo of one of my shoes which is less then six months old [albeit with a lot of use over summer] and a new pair of the same type which I will be wearing from today! 

Thanks for your attention to this email.

Kind regards

Louise [on behalf of the Committee]