Club Committee

Our club committee are here to  promote and develop the club for the benefit of its members.

If you have any suggestions or questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the team

CLTC Committee Members

Rob McNinch  - Chair (07969 953584)

Lindsay Newton - Secretary and Welfare Officer (07825 417550)

Kerry Hall - Membership Secretary & Funding/Fundraising Lead (07595 672940)

Eileen Grigg - Bar Secretary, New Members Liasion and Social Events (07786 782187)

Ian Walker - Treasurer

Andrew Giltrap - Media Officer , Sponsorships and Tournaments Organiser (07852 172429)

Helen Dyson - Facilities and Maintenance

Dave Lonsdale - Facilities and Maintenance

Peter Dallow  - Health and Safety Officer 

Nick Wilkins - Membership Growth and Social Tennis Lead 

Simon McAsey - IT 

Craig Leese (co-opted) - Head Coach (07795 144154)


In addition to the core committee, the club also uses the following working groups to organise, develop and help run the club.  

Secretarial, Financial and Governance - Chaired by Rob McNinch

Teams and Competitions - Chaired by Andrew Giltrap

Coaching and Junior Tennis [in development]

Facilities and Maintenance - Chaired by Helen Dyson

Social Events and Fundraising - Chaired by Eileen Grigg

Membership Growth - Chaired by Nick Wilkins

Club Strategy and Vision - Chaired by Simon McAsey

If you would like to volunteer to help to run the club via one of the above workgroups, please contact Rob McNinch on [email protected]