COVID 19 Update

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Covid-19 Safety Rules and Procedures

Dear Members

The committee met on 14th September and one of the items discussed was the implications of the latest government announcement on Covid safety rules for CLTC. It goes without saying that we must take the threat of spreading Covid-19 seriously and follow the new rules set by the government. The LTA have amended their guidance and below are the decisions that the club has taken to follow the new rules:

The ‘Rule of 6’ applies to all non-organised social tennis.

Members can play with up to 5 other players, following the normal social distancing and hygiene rules as far as possible.

When booking a court on Clubspark, you now need to enter the names of the other players you are playing with. This is simple, and just requires one more step in the booking process:

After entering your name as usual in the ‘Contact Box’, click on the small blue link in the bottom left ‘Advanced Options”

On the new page, scroll down to the bottom and enter the names of the other players in the “Participants Box’. You only need to enter a few letters of a person’s name and their name will show.

Click on this and repeat with the other players’ names.

Then click on the ‘Continue Booking Box’ as usual.

If players want to play social tennis in a new group of more than six, they need to apply to the committee to register a new group. If approved, we will help you complete a Covid-Safety Delivery Plan as advised by the LTA.

All players are urged not to congregate and mingle between games and to leave the premises as soon as possible when they have finished playing.

Please do not bring non-members (other than parents of children being coached, or paying, playing guests) to the club.

Markers have been placed in front of the clubhouse to remind members of the social distancing rule.

A member of the committee works at a strategic level for Cheshire East and advised the committee that Cheshire East are becoming increasingly concerned about the rise in Covid cases, so it is vital that we adhere to these rules. If you are reminded to follow the rules by somebody at the club, please comply.

We have had a great season of tennis so far this year and if we all continue to follow the rules, we should be able to continue to do so for the rest of the season.

Kind regards

John Doe (Chairman)