Update from Head Coach Craig

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From our head coach Craig

Hi All

I hope you're looking forward to getting back on the tennis court. Here a just a couple of guidelines we have in place from the LTA regarding lessons:

-keeping a safe distance between player and coach at all times.

-ONLY the coach can handle the tennis balls, players can just knock them into the net using their racket or foot but must try and avoid picking up the tennis balls.

-Please bring your own hand sanitiser/first aid equipment as the club house won't be open for hand washing facilities/first aid.

- Because the club house is not open there will be no access to toilets.

-Anyone that wishes to practice some serving I am encouraging to bring their own marked tennis balls for that exercise, however I will have some separate balls marked that only the player will touch.

Some may think it's necessary, some may think it's over the top, we can only go off what we are told as best practice. The most important thing is WE GET TO BE BACK ON THE COURT 😊