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Covid - 19, our latest response
Dear Members
Unfortunately, the latest guidance from the LTA advises all tennis clubs to close their social facilities. So from today, March 21st, our clubhouse will be locked and out of use. This now includes the toilets and members should 'go' before they come to play.
I am including a link to the LTA advice:…/coronavirus-covid-19-advice-for-v…/

This guidance explains that people can still play tennis but should follow sensible hygiene measures, including distancing, using hand gel, not shaking hands etc and additionally, not changing ends.

I will be at the club this afternoon from 1.30pm and if you would like to you can buy a tin of ball from the club for £4.

These are difficult times and the committee ask that you follow the guidance to minimise the risk to all players.

Kind regards

Lindsay Newton