Welcome To Bach 95

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We are pleased to announce local company Bach95 are our latest partner and sponsor of our 2021 New Years Eve Tournament

One of the founders of Bach 95 is Will Cliff who was a member of the club as a junior

Will now plies his trade as a professional rugby player in the Premiership for Sale Sharks.

Will Says… “Bach 95 is more than just a great beer, it symbolises the way i like to live my life. Professional sport requires so many sacrifices but it is important for me to have a balance that allows me to relax and have fun. Bach 95 makes me feel like I can do that without that bit of extra guilt and without compromising on quality and taste.

Bach 95 is a crisp, light, easy drinking full strength reduced calorie beer that is vegan friendly and Gluten free.

For the drinkers that are conscious of the beer they drink. We’ve devised a beer that is not only gluten free, vegan friendly and reduced calorie but in our opinion tastes great and delivers on strength and alcohol %.

Set up with quality in mind, with a consideration for health and well-being. We want to offer the best of both, the enjoyment and pleasure of winding down or celebrating with a well earned beer, without the guilt or worry of the calorie content."

Thanks to Bach 95 for their support -please support those who support our club