A Big Thanks

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Recognising what people are doing for the club.

Dear Members

If you've been at the club this morning you will have seen that all 12 planters have been planted up with shrubs and flowers and they look lovely. It has prompted me to share with you some of the things that members and the committee have been doing during this challenging season to make the club a great place to play tennis:

Firstly, the planters were planted up yesterday by Barbie Walton, who researched the best deal we could get to buy the plants, then collected and planted them with help from her husband, Paul.

Last month, John Davies came up with his own design for hand sanitisers for the courts and again resourced the necessary materials and fixed them. He is also replenishing them with sanitiser when necessary.

Roger Bowyer has made the beautiful iron brackets to hang Marion's bell.

Sandra Knight stepped up when we re-opened the cloakrooms inside the clubhouse and now comes in every day to clean the toilet areas and all the touch points

Jane Cummings took on the very challenging task of setting up the booking system, as well as the new role of membership secretary - two very big jobs now we have 276 members, 110 of them new members.

Eileen Grigg has contacted all the new members, welcomed and supported them into the club.

Peter Walshaw and Simon McAsey did the risk assessment which advised the club of what we needed to do to make the clubhouse Covid safe downstairs.

Peter Walshaw made and put up all the necessary Covid signage.

Simon McAsey has researched and overseen the installation of Wi Fi at the club.

Helen Dyson and Peter Walshaw have overseen the moving of the bike shed and have marked out the car parking spaces.

Andrew Giltrap has organised, found sponsors for and kept us informed of all the tournaments which have now become possible.

Mike Massey and Nick Wilkins have organised the singles' and doubles' leagues which have motivated so many of us to play even more tennis.

And of course there are others who beaver away in the background, doing their best to make the club a great one.

While we continue to enjoy our tennis, let's not forget that Covid 19 is still with us and we still need to maintain social distancing and hygiene, but let's take a moment to celebrate that the club continues to thrive in these challenging times as a result of those mentioned above, and others.

Stay safe.

Kind regards

Lindsay Newton (club secretary)