New Foursomes Event

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Winter Foursomes 

Congleton Lawn Tennis Club are considering a new doubles competition over the autumn / winter months to run alongside the traditional Winter League which will start as usual from October.

The new competition, Foursomes, will be a monthly mini league format and will be doubles play but players will enter and be promoted / relegated as individuals.  If you are interested in taking part send an email to [email protected] 

If there is enough interest and the idea gets the go ahead at a meeting on Thursday the first month will start on Monday 5th September. 

Here is how it works...

1. Players are grouped into mini leagues of four people of a very similar playing standard, hence foursomes, by the competition organiser.

2. The players arrange among themselves to play three sets within the month. Foursomes are not played as part of club sessions. 

2. Three sets is all you need to complete all the combinations in a foursome. From an individual perspective it is one set with each of the other three people in the foursome against the other two.

A and B versus C and D

A and C versus B and D

A and D versus B and C

3. Deuce will be sudden death deuce. Sudden death deuce means the foursome should manage to play the three sets in one session of under two hours.

4. If a set is tied a normal doubles tie break is played.

5. The scores for each set will be recorded on scoresheets on display in the clubhouse. 

6. The player who has won the most games will be promoted to the foursome above for the following month and the player who has won the least will be relegated to the foursome below.  A tie will be decided on games difference. 

 Nick Wilkins