Lockdown Longest Rally

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A Focus on Singles

Hope everyone had a happy and safe new year. As a reminder all organised club sessions are cancelled and the courts have been released on the booking system. In tier 4 it is not permitted under LTA rules to play doubles, except among members of the same household or bubble. However singles play for two members from different households is permitted.

For those who do not normally play singles but want to give it a try there is an active singles scene in the club. Just email [email protected] to be included on the distribution list and get the contact details of other players as well as find out about the singles ladder.

If you want to take the opportunity to keep playing but really just want a hit rather than to play competitive singles tennis then you will find like minded individuals within CLTC singles.

To give your practice some purpose we are launching a new competition within the club: Lockdown Longest Rally. Collaborative rather than competitive single tennis. The format is very simple...

Find a playing partner

Book a court

Start hitting

When you get into a rhythm count your longest singles rally BUT with neither player entering the singles court. You have to rally like the pros with both players keeping behind the baseline.

Email the number of hits in your longest rally to [email protected]

Each week a leader board will be published. The competition will end when doubles tennis is allowed to return to CLTC, or all tennis is stopped.

More on the rules:

A player may belong to multiple rally partnerships, you do not have to be in just one pair

Rally starts with a hand feed, it not necessary to serve. The hand feed is hit one.

Rally ends and counting stops when:

i) A player steps on or inside the lines marking the permitter of the singles court

ii) Ball bounces twice

iii) Ball lands outside the singles court

iv) Ball goes in the net


Nick Wilkins.