Halloween Adventures


Our Tennis Adventures will be run to the highest standard, our amazing, highly qualified coaches have undergone extra training to make sure we can efficiently and safely run our sessions.

What is a Tennis Adventure?

A chance for you child to be immersed in the sport, we aim to run our sessions in groups of 4 children, which will be lead by one of our fully qualified coaches.

These small groups will help us to minimise any risks as well as tailor the content of each session so that the children involved can make the most of it and in fact make each session their own.

Each group will be with their coach for the duration of the session.

All equipment will be thoroughly sterilised between sessions and at the end of each day.

We ask that children all bring their own water and racket.

We do also have rackets for sale if you would like to get your own.


 Sessions are divided into time slots - the options for every day of that time slot can be found within.

Eg: 9.30am sessions for Mon - Fri of every week can be booked by clicking on the Morning session option for your chosen age group.