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The club is currently not able to operate from the  Sports Centre, so we are not taking membership fees at the moment.   However, you can still play for free at the grass courts at Cottenham Recreation Ground.

Even better news is that we now have permission from the Parish Council to hold club night and coaching at the grass courts at the Recreation Ground until we reopen in September.

Club night will be every Wednesday 7-9pm.  Whilst this is primarily for members, anyone interested in coming down for a game of doubles is very welcome.  Please note you may have to wait your turn to join in depending on numbers.  Please maintain social distancing while waiting.  

Coaching will be on Saturdays 1-5pm, with any overflow sessions on Wednesdays 4-7pm.   You can arrange individual lessons too but the coach will need to book courts via the club secretary first.  To book coaching go to

The Parish Council has introduced a booking system for the grass courts which we are hosting on our website.  See our Bookings page.  There is no charge for the courts for individuals making bookings.

Check for all information about playing, coaching and the venue.

We hope to see people playing as much as possible and keep hoping that the weather holds.