Booking a court

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.


Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer pay as you play tennis at our West Haddon Courts.  Our membership fees are very reasonable and we would welcome new members to the club.  We can offer league play, tennis ladder, social play and tournaments as well as the facility to book courts online and play to all members.  

Pay as you play is available at Crick sportsfield via


MEMBERS  ***please limit court bookings to 2 hours per session ***

West Haddon Courts

The West Haddon courts are booked through this website or via the downloadable 'booker' app. All members can use the system to book courts and see availability.  Members will be given a key to the West Haddon Courts when they join. Please ensure that you park with consideration for our neighbours, parking is also available on the playing fields at the pavilion. Please contact a committee member for the gate padlock code.

Please note that on the Booking System:
Court 1 =  nearest the gate
Court 2 = furthest from the entrance gate


Enjoy your game!