Northampton Tennis League

We have four teams again this summer, three men's and one ladies'. All current league results can be found at:

Summer 2017

End of season report from Harlene Griffiths (Ladies' captain)-The ladies team has had its best Summer League season so far, at one stage being 2nd out of the 11 teams in our division. At the end we were 5th and still only 3 points behind 2nd place - a very encouraging result.  The weather didn't interfere with play this year and we had some very enjoyable evenings of tennis. We now look forward to next year and, hopefully, further improvement. The team was Gail Woodward, Kim Hemmings, Sarah Robson, Jody Toone and Harlene Griffiths with valuable support from Christine Benbow, Pally Brooke,and Lillian Wright. If you are interested in becoming involved in the team please contact Harlene or any club member.

End of season report from Jon Fairbrother (C Team Captain)-The best result so far for C&WH C team, finishing 5th in the league. Again we had a mixture of youth and ‘experience’ within the team this year, with Kieran and Cameron Taylor providing the youthful energy and Josh Adams, Tim Spicer, John Wolstenholme and Giles Carter the seniority.

Although a 5th place finish is commendable, Giles and Jon especially let some points drift away by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. With a better killer instinct we could’ve finished a place or two higher – definitely something to work on for next season.

Overall we won 4, drew 2 and lost 3 over the season, winning more sets than we lost in the process. Let’s hope we can put some practice in over winter and come back stronger for summer 2018, pushing for a top 3 finish. 


Summer 2016

We had four teams entered this summer three men's teams and one ladies.

End of season report from Jason Rowley (A Team Captain)-The 2016 summer brought new challenges, inclement weather and new pairings as the club continued to go from strength to strength. The A team won 7/10 matches finishing 3rd behind two very strong teams. The A team found the step up a good new challenge and continued to develop through the season. Due to injuries and holidays, the team had new and different players and pairings (thanks Harry Amos, Tom Bradshaw & James Martin) and while this didn't have a huge impact, we found it difficult to be consistent over all 8 sets of the match.

Usual suspects Jason Rowley & Phil Westoby struggled at the back end of the season dropping 5 sets.

Promising youngsters James Gibson and Malcolm Kilpatrick recovered from an indifferent start to the season, to finish very strongly. Captain Jason Rowley has moved onto pastures new, (although he hopes it is a sabbatical) with Malcolm Kilpatrick taking the reins.

Note from Jason; Thanks to all at the club for all of your help and support over the last few years. The club is very special to me and I hope to return one day. I hope the club continues to prosper and grow.


End of season report from Mark Miller (B Team Captain)-The B team were promoted to Division 4 of the Northampton Lawn Tennis summer league last season and found the going tough as we expected it would be. Although a lot of the games were closely fought, we finished a disappointing 8th (out of 11) with 23 points. On the brighter side, we should maintain our place in Division 4 for next season and we hope to see progress further up the table. We welcomed new players to the B Team pool (Alex Saker, Fraser Walker and George Fairbrother) and would like to thank them and "the regulars" (Steve, Dickie and Paul) who took part over the season.

End of season report from Jon Fairbrother (C Team Captain) -  Now into our second year as C&WH men’s C team, there was an improvement over the previous year, finishing 8th in the league and winning 30 sets over the season. New recruits Tim Spicer and Josh Adams provided the backbone for this improvement, alongside young (Kieran Taylor, George Fairbrother) and more ‘mature’ (Giles Carter, Stuart Davis) teammates. Overall we won two, drew one and lost six of our nine matches, although with a bit more experience and fighting spirit I’m sure we can convert more close games into results next year. Now that we have a good base of players, we plan to enter a C team into the winter league for the first time.

End of season report from Harlene Griffiths (Ladies' captain) -The Ladies Team played well this year with each pairing having more practise together and producing some encouraging results. The team was Gail Woodward, Jody Toone, Kim Hemmings, Harlene Griffiths, Rosie Humphreys and our promising young player, Thalina Houghton.  Completing all the matches became a challenge with several postponed due to rain, but eventually we managed to play them all.  This was our 5th and probably our best season of playing in the Summer League.  We finished  in the middle of our Division in a very respectable position bearing in mind  the other clubs involved.  In spite of the weather we did have some lovely summery evenings of play and enjoyed meeting and playing the other teams.  We have had some good matches, a few of which were frustrating when we felt that the result could have been more favourable, others which were really good fun even when we were beaten by a more experienced team.  We now have some time for practise and to improve our match playing skills, and we look forward to continuing our improvement next year. If you are interested in becoming involved in the team please contact Harlene or any club member.