School Programs

About our Schools Programme

Our Schools programme delivered in partnership with the LTA  provides an introduction to Tennis and  ongoing support to primary and secondary schools. All our schools coaching is linked to defined out of school activity programmes available to all children, regardless of standard.

How Does it Work?

Schools sign a partnership agreement with Durham Community Tennis Partnership.

Each school is linked to a partner tennis club – schools must undertake to display information about the club and also print off and distribute flyers to children.

What activities are available?

 For Primary Schools

FREE one day in school demonstrations available to any school.

6 week blocks and full terms of curriculum time coaching for years 3 or 4, additional coaching for other year groups can be arranged by agreement.

 For Secondary Schools

FREE one day in school demonstrations available to any school.

On site after school clubs

LTA Tennis Leaders courses for years 8 and 9

Schools Roadshow Days

In School Demonstration Days are available free of charge to any School and can be arranged at any time by contacting us.

These take the form of our coaches coming into the school for a day and taking 30-45 miunute coaching session with each of years R-6. This children get to have a go and some introductory racket and ball exercises. Roadshow days are dynamic and fun and a great way of giving children an introduction to tennis.

In return the school is asked to copy distribute a follow-on letter which we will e-mail to you. This will highlight an out of school activity at a local club or centre which will be linked to the school.