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Fri, 20 Jan 2023

12:30 - 14:00

Improver, Intermediate


Daniel Potter

Females only (Members & non-members)

Who's it for?

Pair & Play is for women of an improver and intermediate standard. You can hit the ball over the net and in the court and can have a short rally.

What can you expect?

A social, weekly session focusing on different areas of doubles play to advance ability and skills. Training is delivered by LTA Accredited coaches who will guide you through drills and exercises designed to help you master essential double tactics, whilst having lots of fun and laughter with other women at your level.

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Before you choose your sessions, please tell us your playing ability level to help our coaches plan their sessions to suit you.

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Have you considered competing? If so, find more about tennis competitions across the UK.

Pair & Play is for improver/intermediate players. If you are a beginner, please contact our coach to find out about beginner opportunities.



Are you new to tennis or have you only played a few times before and would like to build your work on the basics of the game? We recommend you search for your nearest Pair & Play venue and contact the coach about beginners courses.



Do you play a handful of times a year or perhaps you haven’t played in the last couple of years? You can hit the ball over the net and in the court to have a short rally with a partner but you still make quite a few mistakes? Then Pair & Play is for you.



Do you play or did you used to play fairly regularly during the summer? You can not only get the ball over the net and are comfortable with forehands and backhands but can also control the direction of the ball? You know where to stand and how to score? Join us at Pair & Play and book your session from the end of April.



Do you play a lot of tennis? Do you have consistent groundstrokes and know how to create opportunities to attack and win points? If so, you’re more than welcome to join us. Have you considered competing? find more about tennis competitions across the uk

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Pair & Play is doubles tennis with double the fun. It’s all about helping women improve their skills and confidence on the court. Pair & Play will help you master important doubles tactics and skills. Think social tennis with serious fun! The sessions are run by LTA Accredited coaches, with each one consisting of a skill builder, drills that will improve your doubles game, friendly point play and a fun game to finish.

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Coach: Daniel Potter


Phone: 07834470940

Where to find us

Oakham Tennis Club
the vale, off cricket lawns, off uppingham road, oakham, rutland, LEICESTERSHIRE LE15 6JQ

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There are no sessions available.

No sessions available

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