Tier 4 December Update

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Well, sadly this isn't the cheery Christmas message we hoped it would be. As you'll have seen, we will be heading into Tier 4 around the time you polish off the last of the port and Stilton. It's probably not a huge surprise but it does mean some important changes for us at the Club from Boxing Day morning onwards.

As always, please refer to the latest updates on the LTA website, including this handy grid showing the restrictions for each Tier, but in summary our new Tier 4 status will mean:

  • play is restricted to singles only, with one other person from outside your household or bubble
  • people from the same household or bubble can continue to play together in greater numbers
  • club sessions will be cancelled until further notice
  • individual coaching is still allowed
  • junior coaching is still allowed for groups of up to 15 

Of course, normal social distancing applies for any play/coaching outside your household or bubble and the clubhouse remains closed.

We'll be keeping a close eye on the situation and will be in touch as soon as we have any further updates to share.

While this is a sad note to end the year on we are pleased the Club can remain open in some limited sense and we hope for better news in 2021.

Wishing you a safe and peaceful Christmas.

Dedham LTC